Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sunderland vs Chelsea 3-4 Premier League 2013 Highlights

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2013.12.04 (15:31) - Sunderland 3-4 Chelsea
Sunderland 1-0: Jozy Altidore goal vs Chelsea (14').
Chelsea 1-1: Frank Lampard goal vs Sunderland (17').
Chelsea 1-2: Eden Hazard goal vs Sunderland (36').
Sunderland 2-2: John O'Shea goal vs Chelsea (50').
Chelsea 2-3: Eden Hazard second goal vs Sunderland (62').
Chelsea 2-4: Peter Bardsley (own goal) goal vs Sunderland (84').
Sunderland 3-4: Peter Bardsley goal vs Chelsea (86'). 

2013/2014 English Premier League, Round 14
Match date: Wednesday, 4 December 2013
Kick Off Time: 7:45 PM GMT - 20:45 CET

Sunderland themselves still can't seem to lift themselves from that bottom three seat as they can't seem to pick up positive run of results so far this season. However, there's still signs of improvement already in recent matches as they already grabbed two victories, which were unattainable early in the season. That positive sign might helped their morale when hosting the Blues this midweek as they are keen on snatching all three points from Mourinho's men.
The Blues eventually taking away all three points from that midweek clash after defeating Sunderland in a thrilling tie at Stadium of Light. Trailing through Jozy Altidore's effort on 14 minutes, Chelsea bounced back with Frank Lampard scoring on 17 minutes and Eden Hazard on 36 minutes.
Sunderland drew level with an effort from John O'Shea on 50 minutes, but Hazard regained his team's lead with his goal on 62 minutes. An own goal from Peter Bardsley six minutes from time distanced Chelsea further from their opponent, but Bardsley's did made up for his effort with a goal two minutes later, though is wasn't enough to stop Jose Mourinho's men from taking home all three points.

14′ Jozy Altidore 1-0 // 17′ 1-1 Frank Lampard // 36′ 1-2 Eden Hazard // 50′ John O´Shea 2-2 // 62′ 2-3 Eden Hazard // 84′ 2-4 (o.g.) Phillip Bardsley // 86′ Phillip Bardsley 3-4 

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